Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scenes From Zuccotti Park: 'She Believes Everything Should Be Free'

The New York Post caught up with that dopey mother of the year we noted Friday. She's even stranger than first reported.
The Florida mom who ditched her banker husband and four kids to live in Zuccotti Park squalor is a hippie homemaker whose neighbors are horrified by her latest antics -- but are hardly surprised that she flew the coop.

Stacey Hessler, 38 -- a self-described “vegan freak” who’s into dreadlocks, roller derby and “unschooling” her kids -- acts like a self-obsessed college sophomore who never grew up, said a neighbor in her hometown of DeLand, Fla.

“I’m not disgusted she took off [to protest] -- because I’m not surprised,” seethed one next-door neighbor who asked that her name not be published.

“‘The Man’ she went up there to fight against is the bank where her husband works.

“She believes everything should be free,” the neighbor added.

The middle-aged flower child’s trip to New York to sleep under the stars with the Occupy Wall Street protesters was chronicled in The Post yesterday.

One angry neighbor said yesterday it was hardly surprising that Hessler would leave her kids behind and go radical.

“She’s very bizarre,” the neighbor insisted.

On her Facebook page, Hessler wrote about being a surrogate mom. She also boasted of a panoply of California-style beliefs.

She called herself a “radical unschooling mom of four, midwives assistant, roller-derby queen, rock-star musician, activist, dreadlock princess, African-bee keeper, organic vegan freak and a surrogate for the second time.”

Hessler has gotten even more hippie since she arrived in New York. In Zuccotti Park, she’s been sharing a tarp with a Brooklyn waiter and plans to stay “indefinitely.”

The waiter, Rami Shamir, vehemently declined to comment at his job last night.

While she doesn’t get much love from her neighbor, pals of Hessler clearly support her Occupy Wall Street outing.

One friend in New York called Hessler and her family “one of the most amazing and beautiful and loving families that I’ve ever encountered.”

The friend also explained how Hessler came to be part of the protest.

“She had been following this movement on her own through Facebook and YouTube and whatever, and she decided she wanted to come up to New York. And her family said, ‘Go, mom, go. This is what you want to do,’ ” said Lauren Napoli, 28, a waitress and home health aide.

“This is what she believes in, and she feels she needs to be here,” Napoli said. “She’s not being irresponsible.”

Napoli said Hessler and her tarp mate are not “bunking up in a little tent.”

“It’s not like that -- everyone who’s there, we’re trying to support each other, and when it rains you need to be under a structure.”

“I’ve been right next to her when she’s been on the phone with her kids,” she added. “It was [her youngest daughter’s] birthday recently and she called and said ‘happy birthday.’ ”
Isn't that special. She called her daughter on her birthday. I wonder if she thinks the call was free? No word whether her flight back to Florida will also be free, or the divorce attorney.

Meanwhile, it's reported that a whopping 37% of the public supports these lunatics. That's odd considering they represent 99%, right? Maybe they should start chanting "We are the 37%" for historical accuracy.

Back in Manhattan, some idiot has scaled a 40-foot-high steel art exhibit and vows to not come down until Mayor Bloomberg resigns. Have a nice time up there, pal.


Richard Arnone said...

For me this woman exemplifies much of what is wrong with America. They think of themselves as free spirits but are just immature slaves to self indulgence wallowing in the lies of the Left.

Correllio said...

Seems you need the Victorian police to help you de-occupy the place. Welcome to the #occupymelbourne hippie toss

Largebill said...

Hessler's husband better freeze all accounts before some of his wife's new "friends" convince her to share their riches.

Hard Right said...

Good God she's reproduced. It seems she's brainwashed one of her kids already. Lovely.

Rodney C. Johnson said...

She's a bit annoyed people are suddenly following her on Twitter...!/hippiechicmama

<span>how do I delete people I do not want to follow and why are people following me who do not even know who I am, any answers out there</span>

Ah, that's the purpose of Twitter - and, they're Googling you becuse you made the news. Bright! 

Charles said...

I personally blame the man stupid enough to marry/mate with this woman.

This woman clearly can't be held to responsibly behaving herself... much less taking care of children...

But this could not happen without someone enabling it.

AST said...

Reminds me of the old Beatles song, "She's leaving home."

If these fools want to start a new society, fine.  Just do it somewhere else.  Like Guyana.

Zimri said...

Does this mean I have to stop watching roller derby now? :^(