Friday, October 21, 2011

The Lost Occupation of Atlanta and a Reminder Of Those Who Protect Their Right

The Occupy Atlanta continues to be a laugh a day sitcom. Yesterday they decided to take their little protest on the road, or should I say train, and go visit the center of financial activity in Atlanta known as the Atlanta Financial District. Well not really, actually they headed for an upscale mall presumably to engage in some sort of consumerism or something. That was at least until they got lost on the way.

To fully appreciate the sheer stupidity of this group of mental midgets you have to understand that the Atlanta rapid transit rail system has 2, yes 2 whole rail lines. One runs north/south and the other runs east/west. Where the protestors have set up as their home base is right at the train station where these two lines intersect, so all they had to do was go inside the train station, get on the north line and go 7 stops. On the map below you will notice that the line splits into a Red and Yellow line, which I guess could be confusing except the stops are labeled Buckhead on the Red side and Lenox on the Yellow. So if you were headed to the BUCKHEAD financial district stay on the Red line. If you were going to LENOX Square Mall get on the YELLOW line. Critical thinking skills are so important. Just for the record it really doesn't matter which one you take if you are going to Lenox Square since either stop will put you about a block from the mall. Sort of makes you think they don't have any local folks to help them out huh?

With their numbers decreased they managed to marshall their meager forces at one of the malls in the area only to be turned away by security guards who explained the difference between private property and public property to them. The best line of the day however belongs to former mayor Sam Massell.
Former Atlanta Mayor Sam Massell, now president of the Buckhead Coalition, had welcoming words for the visitors: "They have the right to conduct an orderly visit to Buckhead, and I hope they bring their credit cards.”

I had better things to do like attending the motorcade of a returning Marine who had been killed in action in Afghanistan protecting the rights of the people like these occupy numbnuts who will never fully appreciate what it means to be free and to enjoy their freedom to be stupid. To add insult to injury we also received word that the Westboro pukes are planning on attending this Marines' funeral and while the Patriot's Guard has turned out en-masse it is still a stark commentary on our times that they chose to protest a Marine's funeral rather then go bug their fellow travelers on the crazy train in the occupy movement.

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