Saturday, October 22, 2011

Goldman Sachs Ditches Fundraiser Honoring ... OWS

This would have been fun watching those evil pals of Obama's at a dinner honoring the Obama zombies from Occupy Wall Street. I suspect the rapidly fading OWS bunch could have used the money to help pay for some new drums.
Here is a bank Goldman Sachs won't be backing - the one honoring Occupy Wall Street.

Financial titan Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a small Lower East Side bank that caters to poor people after it learned the event's honoree was the group bashing them, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Credit Union, a local bank that lends to low-income families, secured the sponsorship of Goldman Sachs for its 25th anniversary gala before it announced who it was honoring.

When Goldman learned recently that Occupy Wall Street was being recognized at the Nov. 3 event, its bosses withdrew its name from the fundraiser and a $5,000 pledge.

"We lost their $5,000, but we have our principles," Pablo DeFilippi, one of the dinner's hosts told The Journal.

A spokesman for Goldman Sach declined to comment on the controversy Saturday.
One of the comments is quite amusing.
God bless the protesters. They are trying to bring attention to the out of control level of white collar crime that is ruining this country, and burying the middle class. Sooner,or later, 99% of Americans will support this movement.
You're going to be waiting quite awhile for that.

Heck, their approval ratings are even lower than Obama's.

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