Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama's Numbers Way Down in ... Hawaii

He's at 56% in his state of origin. No word how he's polling in Jakarta. He's pretty much way down in every state he won in 2008 and every state he didn't win in 2008. They admit they've yet to poll Illinois. I wonder why?
Barack Obama doesn't need to worry about winning Hawaii next year. He's more popular there than anywhere else in the country and he has huge leads over all of his potential Republican opponents. But even his native state shows the difficulties Obama's facing right now- his approval numbers are way down from earlier in the year and his margins for reelection against the various GOP candidates don't come close to what he won by in 2008.

Obama's Hawaii approval rating is 56% with 36% of voters disapproving of him. That +20 spread is down 15 points from when we polled the state in March when he was at +35 (64/29.) Obama's numbers with Democrats now are basically identical to what they were earlier in the year. But where he previously had an unusual amount of crossover popularity with Republicans at 27% approval, that's now down to 15%. And he's gone from having very strong numbers with independents at 58/33 to relatively poor ones at 41/45.

For all that Obama's still more popular in Hawaii than he is anywhere else we've polled this year- California, Vermont, and Rhode Island where he's at 53% come the closest, although we haven't polled Illinois.
Of course he'll win Hawaii in all likelihood next year, along with a handful of other states. Unless his swift takedown of Khadafy allows the media to give him a temporary bump.

Ohio is always referred to as a bellwether state in national elections. His bell is tolling, if...
If Barack Obama had to stand for reelection today he would likely lose long as the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney.

Obama's approval rating in the state is only 43%, with 52% of voters disapproving of him. He's very unpopular with independents at 39/57, and even with Democrats his approval has dropped to a worrisome low of 73%. He's in particularly bad shape with white voters (37/57) and men (38/58).
So now we ask, when will they poll Illinois? If he weren't so deeply unpopular nationwide, I suspect they'd be glad to show big numbers there, right?


scott said...

Being from OH and looking out my door at the useful idiots in my urban hell scares me sometimes...But we have a huge conservative base just under the radar and ready to vote next year...I only hope I see this correctly. :-E *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Proof said...

As I like to say, the bloom is off the hibiscus!