Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comedy Gold: Atlanta Occupiers Plan to Levitate Georgia-Pacific Building

They're somehow been endowed with mystical powers.
Protesters with Occupy Atlanta marched to the Georgia-Pacific building downtown late Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to levitate the building.

The group held a news conference shortly after 3 p.m. where they announced they will march to the building around 5:30 p.m. if the Koch brothers, who own the company, don't remove all of their money from political campaigns and institutions.

"The Koch brothers spent vast amounts of money to insure that legislation in Washington benefits their private and corporate interest, rather than those of the American people. This means fewer protections for you and your family and less taxation and regulation for them" William Marshall said.

Williams said should they refuse they will march on the Georgia-Pacific building in an attempt to levitate it in a spirit of anti-war demonstrations of the 1960s.
This is reported as news, but really, this has to be a joke, right?

Via Taranto.


Al Gomez said...

Is'nt this the same thing Allen Ginsberg tried to do at the pentagon in the 60's?

RamblingMother said...

if the koch brothers were really behind the washington politicians why is obama pres?  this sucks big rocks if the koch brothers can't get conservatives in office with all that money, heh.