Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carville: Hey, Help Us Fight Those Crazy, Paranoid, Extreme, Wingnut, Fear-Mongering, Job-Destroying, Union-Busting Lunatics

I'm starting this think this whole New Age of Civility is over. We've been getting emails from the Democrat heavy hitters recently as they're trying to raise money off just about any cause under the sun. Of course instead of offering any meaningful platform of their own, it's the typical shrieking about how evil the Republicans are and how they're going to take away grandma's Social Security. But for sheer amusement, today they break out James Carville with this gem, which must set some sort of record for juvenile name-calling.
Jammie --

Back home, folks always say “the proof is in the pudding.”

And if you ever needed proof of just how crazy, paranoid and extreme the Republican Party has become, all you need to do is look at this past month.

Speaker Boehner says “so be it” to devastating job losses and Sarah Palin is on her Facebook hollering about school teachers in Wisconsin being “thugs.” But there’s one way we can stop their right-wing hollering in its tracks.

We’re just 2 days out from the first FEC quarterly deadline of the year, and you know the world will be watching to see which side is stronger and more united. We have got to show these Republican wingnuts that we won’t be bullied and won’t go down without a fight.

Jammie, help show our Democratic grassroots strength by chipping in before the critical FEC deadline. Give $3 or more today and your gift will be matched 2-to-1 by a group of generous Democrats.

The right-wing mob hopes to sneak through an extremist agenda to cut 700,000 American jobs, destroy unions, dismantle environmental protections, privatize Social Security and dismantle Medicare before voters even realize what’s happened. They’re so shameless that they’ve even proposed cutting assistance for homeless veterans.

If grassroots Democrats like you stay on the sidelines, they’re gonna say the fear-mongering, job-destroying, union-busting Republicans are winning this fight.

Help show our Democratic grassroots strength by chipping in before the critical FEC deadline. Give $3 or more today and your gift will be matched 2-to-1 by a group of House Democrats.

If we meet our goal, the nation will know we stand behind Democrats. If we fail to meet our goal, we will be accused of abandoning Democrats when they need us most. Time’s running out: Contribute right now >>

Many thanks,

James Carville

P.S. We must keep Speaker Boehner, Sarah Palin, Governor Walker and their lunatic followers from out-hustling us, but time is running out. Contribute Now.
They must not be receiving much since I've been getting emails like this almost daily. They really need to update their playbook. Carville's been babbling this same nonsense for 20 years now.


The Reaganite Republican said...

I've always thought he's got a screw loose... or is on drugs

Odd duck, this Carville

rich b said...

Next to Olberdouche, Carville is probably the most hysterical bitch in the democrapic party.

ArmyWife said...

They say "union busting" like its a bad thing...

QualityPoint said...

GSA and OMB Cause Private Sector Job Loss