Thursday, March 31, 2011

Extremist Senate Democrats Plan to Propose Tax Hikes

Sounds like a winning strategy with an economy possibly headed toward a double-dip recession.
Senate Democrats are discussing plans to introduce tax policy changes that they say would raise federal revenues and broaden the budget debate beyond discretionary spending cuts.

Democrats feel they have been boxed by Republicans into a debate over cutting discretionary spending, which accounts for a mere 12 percent of the federal budget.

Democratic senators say they have been fighting on the defensive, scrambling to protect social spending — such as that for the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program, Planned Parenthood and NPR — from GOP-proposed cuts.

Democrats want to take the offensive and propose higher tax rates for millionaires, companies that move factories overseas and wealthy people who make charitable contributions.
Keeping the taxpayer pipeline flowing to NPR is a priority for these people? Do they actually plan on running on this year year? Do they really believe "the wealthy" will continue charitable contributions if they're being taxed on them? Seriosuly, these people are mentally ill.


Darwin Akbar said...

How about a tax on General Electric?

msspurlock said...

Looters and parasites.

Ayn Rand saw it all coming, warned us, yet none of the right people listened.