Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Ruin Your Reputation in One Blog Post

Blogger reviews a book. Author doesn't like the review. Mayhem ensues.

The blogger notes in his review that the book he read is filled with typos. The author gets hysterical in the comments, which are filled with typos. But she can't quite figure that out so she winds up completely melting down.

Not coincidentally her profile page here is pretty much incoherent.
Author, poet and artist. Just something I have been doing my whole life. I'm happy to have finally The Greek Seaman novel published on KIndle and the Nook, sony ereader or PC with the free Apps, along with my poems and short stories and more of my wares will be published soon. My second novel Cass, I hope to publish by the winter, or early 2012. And there is a third novel nearing its first draft. Born in London, England and now living in the USA. I was a big traveler in my time before settling in the USA. I have seen quite a lot of the world since a child, mostly just around Europe and to Greece, Cyprus and then later Africa, Turkey, Libya, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Mexico and Canada. In 2001 my English father, an artist visited me in the USA. Prior to that I hadn’t seen him for twenty years. My parents divorced when I was twelve. My Greek Mother was still traveling to Greece for short visits and visiting me here in America before she passed. It was in 1988/9, I came to live in America. Maine is where I first landed to live. I've also lived in California, and since 2002, I have been living back in Florida.
She should seriously consider another profession. Or at the very least, using a copy editor for these future book projects.

Her writing here is also incoherent. It's quite obvious her writing is at about a sixth-grade level.

H/T Jack, via email.


Jill said...

Thanks so much -- absolutely hilarious!

My Site (click to edit) said...

That can't possibly be for real...can it? It has to be a gag, or promotional trick of some sort.  

Chris said...

She sounds like a modern day Amanda McKittrick Ros, right down to the over the top response to bad reviews to the need to self-publish her crap because no one else would. Imagine if they had an internet 100 years ago.


shirley elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure I could form more coherent sentences in sixth grade...

srdem65 said...

You are so mean, MrFool.  She is just like me and when my father visited me in Japan, Russia and Samoa we waved goodbye to my Italian mother who always was visiting Italy which was confusing but gave my inspiration a boost so that my wares could be sought after on e-bay and Craig's List but all I got were invites to send sexting photos and that's not me because;
I'm a poet and I know it.

paul a'barge said...


more pics of her ^^^^

Kathy Z said...

Wow, thanks for the post.  The author's meltdown was epic.  Maybe she should consider a career change, maybe food service, because she sure can't handle constructive criticism.

msspurlock said...


She's like a conversation that a schiophrenic would have with himself:

"Venus Mars my date in the past elephant. RUN SLOWER!!!"

rich b said...

Hey, she did a wonderful job of spelling "fuck off" in the review comments section. It's obvious she needs to re-up on her supply of Prozac. What a hilarious meltdown.

If anyone ever personfied the old quotation of "it is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubts", she's the one.