Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Obama's Approval Rating Plumbs New Depths

I think the reason for Obama's latest dive in the polls is pretty obvious: He's ducking Bill O'Reilly!

Well, that or maybe the fact that his policies are incoherent disasters.
After a brief resurgence earlier this year, President Obama's poll numbers are back in the dumps. A new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday finds Obama's approval rating at the lowest point in his presidency, thanks in part to voter angst over the economy and his handling of the situation in Libya.

Just 42 percent of those polled approve of the job Obama is doing, compared to 48 percent who disapprove, according to Quinnipiac. And in a bad sign for his upcoming 2012 re-election campaign, 50 percent of those polled say he doesn't deserve another term in the White House.
Considering that 45.7% of Americans never thought Obama deserved a first term, one has to wonder how Obama gets reelected amidst $3-$5 gas, high unemployment, a crumbling housing market, and a disintegrating Middle East.

Wild guess: The path to reelection involves the MSM exploring exactly none of the above issues in much substantive detail, while fixating on any two-bit Birther story that comes down the pike.


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