Monday, March 21, 2011

Obama Already Making Plans to Watch Sports in 2016

He'll have plenty of free time on his hand 22 months from now, so he can watch sports 24/7 for all I care. God help us if this failure is still president once 2016 rolls around. You think he spends too much time on leisure activities now? Imagine what he'd do as a lame duck.
US President Barack Obama, whose hometown of Chicago lost to Rio de Janeiro in bidding to host the 2016 Summer Olympics, said Sunday he intends to attend the first South American Olympics.

In the keynote speech of his inaugural stop on his first Latin American tour since tasking office, Obama praised Brazil and its growing role on the world stage, including its role as host for football's 2014 World Cup.

"You play an important role in the global institutions that protect our common security and promote our common prosperity and you will welcome the world to your shores when the World Cup and the Olympic Games come to Rio de Janeiro," Obama said.

Obama campaigned for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid, even attending the International Olympic Committee meeting in Copenhagen where the vote was taken and Rio won while Chicago was the first city eliminated from contention.

"You may be aware that this city was not my first choice for the Summer Olympics," Obama said to laughs from the crowd.

"But if the Games could not be held in Chicago, then there's no place I would rather see them than right here in Rio and I intend to come back in 2016 to watch what happens."
I wonder if he'll again be met by violent protests?

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rich b said...

Posted by Jammie from Omama: "You may be aware that this city was not my first choice for the Summer Olympics," Obama said to laughs from the crowd.

The why didn't you just keep your mouth shut President Hussein Omama. You sure as hell aren't contributing to the diplomatic relations between our country and Brazil. And whatever you do - DON'T try and speak Spanish down there and claim your real name is Sotero (just cause it sounds kind of Spanish) all of a sudden. The language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese.

I Just can't wait to see how he blunderfucks this one up if, God forbid, he is still around. Can you imagine the panic in the Omama crew if they aren't allowed to bring in their teleprompters to Brazil. OMG!