Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sullivan Prepared for Impeachment of Dictatorial Obama

We've already had a little fun this morning with the crestfallen Andrew Sullivan, and it's appearing he may need some super-strength medical marijuana to get himself through the day. Coming on the heels of the news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says her boss would ignore any Congressional resolutions regarding Libya, Sullivan is apoplectic with rage. Seriously, has Sullivan been paying the slightest attention to this administration? Heck, the guy who comically accepted an award for transparency behind closed doors has never met an FOIA request he won't ignore. Heck, he's even more secretive than the evil Bush regime that preceded him. So how is it such a keen observer of the political scene is aghast that Obama would ignore Congress?
That's a gauntlet for anyone left in the Congress not in thrall to the emperor's growing power-grab. I fear, as Yglesias notes, that the Congress doesn't even want to exercize [sic] its powers or even go on the record ... because they're a bunch of pansy-ass losers. But I hope that some of them actually care about the Constitution (hello, Tea Party!) and fight back. If the Obama administration is refusing even to abide by the War Powers Act, then the Congress really needs to vote to defund their adventurism at least or impeach them if it comes to that. Going to war outside even the War Powers Act qualifies as an impeachable offense, it seems to me.
So we've come to this point. Andrew Sullivan is asking for support from the Tea Party to help launch an impeachment movement of this imperial president. Not just imperial, he's even dictatorial!
We are governed by an executive that goes to war in secret and at will, openly contemptuous of the democratic process and even minimal transparency. and when you realize that that executive actually campaigned against this kind of secretive, dictatorial presidency, you realize how this has become systemic, and the anti-democratic rot is deep.
Considering Sullivan has spent the better part of the past three years obsessing on Sarah Palin's uterus and who Trig Palin's real mother is, can it be long before he joins Donald Trump in the birther movement?


rich b said...

Andie Sullivan the dipshit - hey dummy, we (the conservatives) tried to tell you fuckers (the progressives) about this guy but you had your head so far up his ass you were tickling his tonsils and igonored us. Deal with it and we'll (once again - the conservatives) vote the POS out in 2012.

J Leverett said...

andrew - we're very sorry but you'll have to stew in your own post-election juices. you have no one to thank but yourself for foisting this inexperinced, illegal, over-its-head, asswipe regime on us. you asked for it. you got it. you know who is a pansy-ass? its you. for buying what you wanted then trying to return it saying "whaaaaaa, i didnt know it was THIS horrible". some of us didnt buy it. we KNEW this was an astral trianwreck in the making. and you, pansy-ass, was too much in love to see so, so no thanks, you graceless cowardly punk, eat it. and shut up about it. this is whats called: just desserts. bon appetite. oh and thanks for destroying my country in the process, and my childrens future, you miserable puke.

Haiku Guy said...

What, did Obama imply that he was no longer in favor of providing state sanction to wherever it is Excitable Andrew decides to stick Lil' Andy?

Leo Ladenson said...

Queen Mary Jane Milky Loads: fickle as the wind, crazy as a loon.

ck said...

Barry just slapped his little bitch around some, the black eye, fat lip and loose teeth will be better in a couple of weeks. Andi will be back on his knees in no time.