Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trump Talks Obama Birth Certificate on The View, With Predictable Results

One question: Is Trump using some bronzer? Too much pancake makeup?

Whatever, he mixes it up with the babbleheads from The View and wonders aloud what Obama might be hiding on his birth certificate.

We just can't take the guy seriously as a presidential candidate, and appearances like this don't help.


srdem65 said...

He's not serious, he's having too much fun.
The birth  certificate issue is a red herring imposed to make us forget that MrO is hiding his school and college records.  The best guess is that he got into Harvard  with the Barry Soreto name and as a foreign student.

The birth certificate? Heck, his mother was an American, ergo..hence...good enough for me. 

rich b said...

<span><span>As soon as Joy Blowhard opened her mouth and started in with the birther inquisition I had to hit the pause button. I don't really care about what any of these dense and stupid (Joy blowhard) women think since most of them have proven they're mental midgets time and time again and in an a battle of wits they're basically unarmed. I just couldn't watch the video long enough to check out Trumps makeup once Blowhard opened up.    
Hopefully, American voters aren't so shallow that the amount of makeup or the hair (or lack of it) on a candidate would influence their vote. But we had the Nixon/Kennedy debates with Nixon sweating like a pig. People who watched the debates thought Kennedy won. People who listened thought Nixon won. Interesting conclusion wasn't it?    
And then we put this fool Omama in office because he is probably the best con-man since Paul Newman and Robert Redford scammed Robert Shaw in "The "Sting. Yeah, I guess American voters can be that shallow.    
But for Christ's sakes I hope most of America (or should I say American Women) are NOT getting their political info from these ladies on the View. Or Orca, er, Oprah for that matter. Can you imagine how many votes were cast because of the influence these nitwits have. They can probably swing an election and that is a very scary thought. We now have a socialist union organizer for prez and I think a fair amount of the credit goes to the View and Orprah.  
And I agree with srdem65 and his Sotero comment. Omama is almost for sure hiding something about his college history. From what I have seen (based on Omama's past behavior) it's probably a plagiarizing accusation or something along those lines. Definitly something to do with lying or dishonesty. It will all come out someday. Nothing can stay a secret for so long in Government. Sooner or later someone will (for the right amount of cash) blab.</span></span>

Rose said...

Sorry - if THIS is all Trump does, it is worth everything to me.

I am so sick and tired of Dims getting by with all their fraud.

And why is Obummer spending so much in court fees to block the information of all his documents from his bosses, rather than spending that money on his own Presidential Library.

Whoever on Earth ever even HEARD of withholding their documents upon the First Request???

So let Trump go after it - I love to watch the babbleheads' heads explode!

At least our side has something to laugh at.  We are bloody well paying enough for the Circus that Odrama Queen is putting on!

A Goy said...

I'm with Rose. Trump's where he is; his critics are where they are. I'm inclined to trust his judgment. Not everything he's touched has turned to gold, but I don't think anyone can accuse him of not knowing what he's doing/saying pretty much every moment. Especially in front of a, well, admittedly dwindling national audience.

Today a person is attacked with Appeal to Rididule (i.e., "Birther!") by simply noting the fact that BHO has never publicly released probative documentation verifying his Article II eligibility to hold the office of POTUS. If one is going to be slammed with Rule #5 for something so simple anyway, best to keep hammering at it. Aside from his nominally abysmal ability to explain his agenda to Americans, how does anyone thing GWB's dismal approval ratings, the Democrat takeover of Congress, and BHO's unlikely victory were manufactured? By hammering. 24/7/365.

Let trump wonder aloud what's on 6-in-10 Americans' minds (but who are either too disinterested or too nervous about charges of "racism" to speak it). He's doing the country a service.