Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shocker: DOJ Whitewashes New Black Panther Case

What, you expected anything less from racial coward Eric Holder?
The Justice Department’s internal ethics watchdog on Tuesday told Congress that it had cleared all department lawyers of wrongdoing in relation to a much-disputed voter-intimidation case involving the New Black Panther Party, a black-nationalist fringe group.

In a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, the department’s Office of Professional Responsibility said it had found no evidence that officials involved in decisions about the case acted inappropriately out of political or racial motivations.

The office said its conclusion applied both to officials who brought a sweeping civil lawsuit against the party in the closing days of the Bush administration, and those who decided to reduce the scope of the case early in the Obama administration.

“We determined that the attorneys involved in the NBPP case made good faith, reasonable assessments of the facts and the law,” wrote Robin Ashton, a counsel in the office.

Neither the chairman nor the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee — Representatives Lamar Smith, Republican of Texas, and John Conyers, Democrat of Michigan – had any immediate comment on the letter.

The New Black Panther case stemmed from an incident when two party members, dressed in black clothing, were filmed standing outside a polling station in a majority-black precinct in Philadelphia on Election Day in November 2008. One was holding a night stick, and was eventually directed to leave by the police.
This videotaped case of obvious intimidation was labeled a made-up controversy by Holder. If you are a white American, you don't have the same rights as the New Black Panthers, according to Eric Holder. If you're a Republican, you have even fewer rights.

Thanks to Instapundit for the link. More on the fix here. Upside: The media finally noticed the case!


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And just what the hell happened to the whistle blower who came out with the statements to the contrary? I'm talking about the person who claimed a memo went out about not prosecuting crimes of race when it came to people of color. I guess that got swept under the carpet too.

The entire fucking regime needs to be impeached along with Omama. At least the Panthers had it right when they called out Omama the other day for being a "bitch". And I'd like to meet that bald fucker Holder in a small ring. I'd show him who the coward is. Two stiff right leads (I'm a lefty) followed by a left uppercut and his ass would be DOWN!