Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diane Sawyer Launches Softballs at 'Beleaguered' Obama

It's just too much to take any more from these people. It's funny, but I don't recall any TV news babbleheads fretting with consternation over George W. Bush being "beleaguered" and wringing their hands in sympathy. But for sheer over-the-top drivel, can you top this one?
What about the famous quote from another beleaguered President, Abraham Lincoln, who said he had been driven many times to his knees because his own wisdom and that around him “was insufficient for the day”?
Why of course, the first thing we think of when looking at the poor, beleaguered Obama is Abraham Lincoln, one of the towering figures of American history. Do you suppose during the Civil War Lincoln would have found time to go on ESPN to fill out brackets and then traipse around New York for fundraisers while sending troops into harm's way?

Naturally, Sawyer manages to work in some basketball, just to take off the edge from this beleaguered president.
DIANE SAWYER: Just a final question. How much do you think Kentucky will win by?


DIANE SAWYER: I mean, at this point, we're really just looking at --

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I mean I will make this point. You know, a lot of folks focused on the fact that I filled out my bracket. Obviously, I hadn't been spending that much time studying it since I don't have anybody in the Final Four. (LAUGHS) Congratulations to Kentucky.
Nauseating. Oh, so he didn't spend much time on his picks, huh? I recall reading how he "agonized" over them, and in fact a spokesman last year was quoted thusly:
Obama coolly made his picks on ESPN as if he might have just thought them up--as if college basketball really is second nature to him--but don't be fooled: the president agonized over his bracket beforehand, according to White House spokesman Tommy Vietor.
So now that he gets blown out of his bracket, he's claiming he didn't spend any time on them.


Full transcript of this sickening twinkie-munch session here.

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