Friday, March 25, 2011

Taliban Impressed By Kids Acting Like Them

When it comes to issuing denials nobody is better at it then the Taliban.
The Pakistani Taliban denied making the video, saying it was Western propaganda aimed at defaming their image in the eyes of their countrymen.

“This video has nothing to do with us,” said Ihsanullah Ihsan, one of the group’s spokesmen. “We did not ask these children to copy us in their games but it is clear that they are impressed with our cause and now want to imitate our brave fighters.”

Here is a terrorist group with a long and provable record of not only using children but also exploiting mentally handicapped people to carry out their deadly attacks but also in turn killing those who don't or forcing them to by threatening their families.

That denial doesn't sound like much of a denial and as far as defaming their image, guys you don't need any help with that. You are doing quite nicely on your own.

Now I wonder where those kids learned how to create this little skit? Could it be because they have seen this played out in real life or is there just a lot of television shows in Pakistan which depict this sort of thing and glorify it so much. There is over 5,000 years of recorded history and I don't seem to recall a lot of documentaries showing how in other cultures, you can't really call Islam a civilization, they lauded the taking of life by children.
The music in the background is a Taliban jihadi song. The lyrics are in Pashto. “Throats are cut, bombs go off and then you can go to a nice place," meaning heaven, although the word is not use.

Ahh, the wonderful Religion of Peace®


rich b said...

It's obvious these kids are proud of the Jihadists and are lost to the Taliban or some other group like them. Can you think of anything that is more sick and twisted than this.

And we have idiots on American Television such as Joy Blowhard and Whoopi Cushion comparing fundamental Christians to these people. Maybe Joy and Whoppi should spend a few minutes watching some of the "beheading" videos that are lurking on the Web. I've seen them and they're not beheadings. They're just sadistic fuckers sawing of the heads of living human beings.

There is a terrible punishment coming to these people for what they have done to their women and their children, all in the name of some cult god called allah. Whether that punishment is coming from God or some other form of a backlash somewhere, they're (fundamentalist Islamofacists) doomed to hell. And I also include the sick fuckers from the westboro baptist church in that group too. Their day is also coming.

The Reaganite Republican said...

Do they have to be 18 to get the virgins, or...?

What do they promise the juvenilles, a skateboard?