Saturday, March 26, 2011

Obama: We're Succeeding in Libya, But As for My NCAA Picks, Not So Much

Our fearless wartime president has declared his Libya mission a success after one week.
President Obama will tell the nation today that his Libya strategy is working.

"We are succeeding in our mission," he will say in his weekly video address this morning. "We've taken out Libya's air defenses. [Moammar] Khadafy's forces are no longer advancing across Libya."

The president, under increasing fire for failing to clearly explain his Libyan goals, was also set to say he was fulfilling his promise that the US role would be limited.

"We are not putting any ground forces into Libya," he says.

But Obama won't say when the US-led campaign will end.

"The military effort is part of our larger strategy to support the Libyan people and hold the Khadafy regime accountable," he says -- but didn't specifically call for Khadafy's removal from power.
A couple of weeks ago he said Khadafy had to go. Now it doesn't matter, I guess.

Last week after he managed to pick 29 of 32 teams in the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament he was the toast of the sports world. Yet now that three of his Final Four selections are toast, it's not even being reported.

If I were the Kansas Jayhawks, I'd be very nervous.

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