Sunday, March 27, 2011

Schumer Baffled By NYC Census Count

Let's see: We had a $340 million campaign in an effort to get people to respond to the 2010 Census. We've got a Democrat administration in Washington running the show during that time, along with a Democrat Senate and Congress. Obviously some chicanery must be afoot, right? Of course there was! Now we must investigate!
Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the federal government Saturday to probe the 2010 U.S. Census' finding that New York City had grown by a mere trickle.

"These numbers cry out for investigation," Schumer said, adding his voice to a chorus of critics, including Mayor Bloomberg, who have railed against the decennial count.

"I'm going to put a lot of pressure on them to do it," he said. "For the census director to just shrug his shoulders ... isn't good enough."

The U.S. Census reported that the city grew by 166,855 over a decade to 8.175 million despite a Census estimate last year that reported the city was home to 8.3million people.

Schumer called for the investigation in a letter to U.S. Department of Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and U.S. Census Bureau Director Robert Groves.
I guess not enough illegals filled out their forms.

I suppose it would never occur to this idiot that people are fleeing New York.

There's a logical answer, of course, but don't anyone tell Chucky. He needs some attention.
"We reported today early quality indicators that show a stronger Census than in 2000 thanks in part to higher levels of participation by the public than many projected," said Steve Jost, Associate Director for Communications for the Census Bureau "Nationally the growth rate from 2000 was one of the lowest measured in the last century. The pattern in New York City as like that seen in many other large cities — higher rates of growth in suburbs than in urban cores."


Danishova said...

My husband, my son, and I all fled NYC. There's 3 for ya, Chuckie.

FrankG said...

NYC should pay for the investigation

Anonymous said...

And any one should care???????

TC said...

Alt headline: "Schumer up to his Usual Sunday Grandstanding"