Friday, March 25, 2011

Once Basketball is Done This Weekend, Obama Will Get Around to Mentioning Libya to the Public

I guess TOTUS doesn't work weekends. He could have done this, oh, maybe when the whole thing started last week, but he was busy traipsing around South America with the extended family. Obviously tonight, Saturday and Sunday are a no go. Basketball clearly takes precedence over the American people.

So he'll figure out something to say by Monday. But who knows, that could be subject to change.
President Obama will address the nation Monday night on the crisis in Libya, the White House said Friday.

Obama will speak at 7:30 p.m. ET at the National Defense University in Washington.

While the U.S. is eager to take a backseat role in the international military campaign in Libya, it is considering stepping up its assistance to rebel forces through humanitarian, political, economic and even military aid, a U.S. official said Friday.
So we'll be taking a backseat role by stepping up our assistance. Good thing this has all be thought out clearly before we acted.

Today Obama managed to find time to hold a conference call with some Washington lawmakers to to to pretend he was keeping them in the loop. How gracious of him.

Looks like a high of only 46 in DC tomorrow, but that still might make the golf cutoff point. Lord knows the guy could use some downtime.

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srdem65 said...

Well, hello, to all you Easterners.  When the Prez lets us know something it will be 4:30pm here in the West.  Some of us still have jobs and won't be by the TV.
The folks in Hawaii will probably still be sleeping or eating lunch(?).
So, MrO will be talking to his peeps in the important states.