Monday, March 21, 2011

Civility Update: NY Democrat Avoids Jail for Attacking Photographer

Having that "D" after your name must be great. You can go wild and attack photographers and not have the slightest concern about going to jail. Let alone losing your office and all the perks that come with it. Of course if that were to be the case then you'd just play the race card and menacingly call a Senate colleague a bitch.

You can skip paying your mortgage and when you're exposed as a deadbeat, you then go beat up a photographer.

Now he walks with a small fine. No doubt he's learned his lesson.
State Sen. Kevin Parker was sentenced today to three years probation and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine after a Brooklyn jury found him guilty last year of damaging a Post photographer's camera after the lensman snapped pictures of him outside the politician's Flatbush home.

Parker was also ordered to attend anger management classes and pay The Post back $672 to cover the cost of broken equipment.

Parker was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of criminal mischief in the May 2009 attack and faces up to two years in prison.

In December, the jury cleared Parker of intentionally damaging and attempting to steal William Lopez's camera -- felonies that would have meant automatic expulsion from the Senate had he been convicted.
Maybe Obama can sign him up for his anti-bullying campaign.


rich b said...

There's those "anger management" classes again. Has anyone here watched the episode of Penn and Teller's Bullshit where they expose the "anger management" scam for what it really is - a cash cow for phony physcologists and snake oil salesmen who are cleaning up and making a bundle. If it's working so well let's see the statistics to prove it. I think we know the answer to my last question. There are no statistics to support the anger management con that's currently going on and Penn and Teller exposed it for what it is. It doesn't work. Anger management my ass!

FrankG said...

sounds like a real punk. I'd give him the "Louisville Slugger" anger management treatment. See how you can express your anger while wearing a full body cast?

FrankG said...

rhetorically speaking, of course. Still.... a punk