Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'When He Was Here What Did He Do For Us? Nothing'

America's First Black President just isn't getting the love from his people, They might want to put a little ice on that to ease the pain.
HARLEM residents aren't crying over former President Bill Clinton's offices moving out of their neighborhood.

The William J. Clinton Foundation, which moved onto W. 125th St. nearly 10 years ago, plans to move most of its offices to Water St. in the financial district.

Clinton will keep an office in the building, but many residents don't care what his plans are - either because they never saw him or don't think his presence helped the neighborhood.

"It don't faze me; I never saw him," said lifelong Harlem resident and Clinton supporter Susan Chaplain.

"When he was here what did he do for us? Nothing," she said as she stood on Lenox Ave., not far from Clinton's offices. "He never did nothing while he was here. What difference does it make?"

Sharon Johnson, 59, also wasn't concerned with Clinton's plans. "He don't come out here so it don't matter one way or another," she said. "He never even comes out to say 'hi.'"

James Carrington, 62, is one of many sidewalk vendors selling artwork on W. 125th St. near Clinton's building.

"It doesn't matter to me," said Carrington, who added he's spotted Clinton only once and that his presence hasn't made any impact on Carrington's business.


uncledan said...

Someday the black community and many other Democrats as well will wake up to realize that Liberalism is nothing more than symbolism over substance. For Democrats, the blacks are good for raising money, a few votes, and not much else. Until the next election.

srdem65 said...

Aw, MrClinton didn't do anything for them. 
What did they expect him to do "for them" is unclear.   Make their lives better?make them smarter?give them money?show them how to shovel snow? 
The implication that the Black community expected MrClinton to do something "for them" is an old song and an indictment of a community looking for outside help because they won't or can't do for themselves.

ck said...

50 years ago black people could speak english. Thanks "great society".

ck said...

uncledan, the blacks are worthless for raising money. What they're good for is votes. The dems have the jews for money. Of course the blacks hate the jews, but the jews love the blacks(as long as they don't have to live anywhere near them). Republicans love jews but the jews can't stand Republicans. Who said it had to make sense?

uncledan said...

ck, I would only disagree with you on the blacks/money argument in the 2008 election where I am sure Obama raised a ton of money from the blacks as well as 97% of their vote.
And after all this griping and complaining, bet you that every single black in Harlem votes Democrat again!

RM said...

Is Harlem a "no-grammar" zone?

rich b said...

<span>JPazzesco - I just checked out some of the political cartoons on your blog. I'm still laughing and spitting out toast and coffee ten minutes later. I especially enjoyed the "Release The Kraken". Hilarious! Too much there to read right now and its dark background is very hard on my diabetic vision but It was fun poking around your site.

Mats said...

Those words rebeal what's wrong with black america:
"'When He Was Here What Did He Do For Us?"

He wasnt suposed to do SQUAT for you.