Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Hate Those NASCAR Watching, Faux 'Rasslin People

We're told the M.A.W. (Make A Wish) Foundation also plans to honor John (Cena) at the party for passing a huge milestone -- 200 wishes granted -- an honor shared by only three other celebs ... Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Hulk Hogan.

There are diva chefs who can't find the time to grant a wish to a terminally ill child. There are tons of liberals in the entertainment arena who rush out to remind us it is all about the kids. There is no shortage of folks who wish to demonize those bible thumping, gun toting, NASCAR fans and yet it looks like when the rubber meets the road those are the very people who let their actions speak louder then their words.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with the names above Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr, are NASCAR drivers, Hulk Hogan and John Cena are wrestlers. I am surprised there are not more NASCAR drivers on that elite list as several of them have their own endeavors such as Kyle Petty with his Victory Junction camps and Tony Stewart who absolutely goes nowhere that he doesn't do something for the kids in the local area.

Don't bother looking for any Democrat lawmakers who whine incessantly about how everything a conservative wants to do is bad for the children to be on any of these lists. They first look at their list of campaign contributors and if you ain't at the top of the list, well it sucks to be you.

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msspurlock said...

Celebrities have the same major malfunction as Democrat politicians.

They forget that it is their fans, or their voters, who make them. In 2012, Democrats are going to pay the price AGAIN for their deliberate tone-deafness.

As for the Contessa, she's bruschetta, too. Burnt toast.