Monday, March 21, 2011

What Could Go Wrong? HBO Developing Dick Cheney Miniseries

Based on a PBS Frontline documentary and written by a former West Wing writer. No doubt this will be a fair and accurate portrayal of Dick Cheney. HBO just aired a special on Ronald Reagan made by a man who hates him, have plans to give Sarah Palin a good working over and now will be going after Cheney. Looks like they're really gearing up for 2012.
The mini, which will be based on the bestselling book and the Frontline documentary The Dark Side, tells the story of Richard Bruce Cheney from his early days as Donald Rumsfeld’s protégé in the Nixon administration, to the nation's youngest Chief of Staff under President Ford, to serving as Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush, through two controversial terms as Vice President under President George W. Bush. According to the producers, the project will center on Cheney's "single-minded pursuit of enhanced power for the Presidency (that) was unprecedented in the nation's history."
That sure is approaching the subject on an even keel.
Rick Cleveland (Six Feet Under), who shared a writing Emmy with Aaron Sorkin for NBC's White House drama The West Wing, is writing the mini, produced by Spring Creek Prods. and Fair Catch Prods. Spring Creek's Paula Weinstein and Jeffrey Levine, Frontline's David Fanning and Michael Kirk and Fair Catch Prods.' David Kennedy are executive producing.

This is the second HBO longform project about prominent Republican party figures announced in the past few weeks. The pay cable network also has greenlit Game Change, a Jay Roach-directed movie, which follows John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign from his selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate to their ultimate defeat in the general election. Julianne Moore has been cast as the former Alaska governor.

Cheney merely gestured in response:


srdem65 said...

For pete's sake, MrCheney is ill, done, his time is over and who cares now?
Here's an idea: a baby born to a single mother in Hawaii, adopted by an Idonesian step-father, becomes a Muslim,  abandoned by his parents to live with his grandparents, raised by Marxist radicals becomes...ta da...POTUS!!  Who would belive that mini-series?

rich b said...

Oh boy! A mini-series by HBO on Chaney by their completely objective writing team of progressive, er, Liberals, er uh ... WTF does one call the hacks at HBO? How about the fuckers who hate conservatives. Does that sound about right?

I'm sure Bill (I hate Chaney and all Republicans) Maher will co-produce the series. And we all know what to expect from good ole' Bill - right? This ought to be a laugh riot. Can't NOT wait.

Just another reason for Congress to defund PBS along with NPR and NEA and all the other progressive bullshit that comes from yours and my TAX dollars.