Thursday, March 24, 2011

Illegal Immigrants Decide Shutting Down Downtown Atlanta Is A Good Idea

File this under how to make friends and influence enemies.

Supporters of illegal aliens took to the streets of Atlanta today creating traffic jams, inconveniencing folks during lunch time and just in general pissing a lot of hard working folks off. Way to go. We got the message. Now leave. No, I mean leave all the way. Right back to where you came from.

The Georgia legislature is considering legislation which would allow law enforcement to check the status of persons detained for criminal violations, require compliance with the federal E-Verify system, and require proof of citizenship prior to receiving public assistance.

The illegals with their liberal supporters are threatening boycotts and scariest of all say they have some entertainers who won't perform in the state. Oh I am trembling now. For a state with 10.4% unemployment, with unemployment in the African American community hovering around 25%, this is a hard sell.

After all, like I saw on a bumper sticker once, Ask the Indians how allowing illegal immigration worked out for them.

I love the quaint catch phrase about humans are not illegal. They are right. According to Obama and Planned Parenthood they are an inconvenience and they have a solution for that.

Nothing would please me more then this summer when school is out, rather then park all those school buses for the summer, load them up with all the illegals we have detained and head for the nearest border crossing. Imagine ribbons of yellow crossing American highways.

Since the county I live in has started enforcing the immigration laws granted to them by ICE we have seen a mass exodus of folks with dark tans and accents that ain't quite southern. It is nice to drive down the streets and not have to be bilingual to read the store signs or the billboards.


srdem65 said...

OK, let's call them "trespassers", a crime in every jurisdiction in the US.
The "trespassers" from Mexico and their supporters must believe that being obnoxious will endear them to the "property owners" (us).  The "property owners" own title to the voting booths, the hospitals and the welfare offices and the "trespassers" should be arrested whenever they're caught in the act of trying to steal or access what is not theirs.
so, there.

roux said...

Don't go away mad, just go away..... go back to your POS country.

infinity555 said...

Before this country was snowed under with illegal immigrants and migrants U.S. individuals picked the fruit, mowed lawns, flipped burgers, dug trenches, and cleaned hotel rooms. These entry level jobs were done by guest workers, the working poor, legal immigrants and, seasonal students. In this long dragged out recession there still are plenty of legal immigrants and resident Americans who would do these jobs at a—FAIR-- and free market wage. When illegal aliens take these jobs they not only stealing jobs from American high school students, but drive wages down. This unfair competition denies entry level work and a chance for our kids, to start earning money towards college and a car. It also removes opportunity from the lowest of income and legitimate immigrants and so making the American Dream harder to reach.
Trouble is that neither major party wants secure enforcement, because it would inhibit their agendas. For Democrats that means potentially more votes; while with Republicans its foremost interest is to the business opportunists who profit from cheap labor. On the other side of the coin, the Tea Party demands the border completely sealed and the laws of the 1986 Immigration Act, fully enforced. There is a. wanton refusal of the United States government for previous years to enforce our laws and borders; one can only come to the conclusion that Leftists extremist secret agreements are in affect designed to destroy U.S. sovereignty and overrun the country with cheap labor. In the last ten years to patronize Mexico, we have entered into agreements called NAFTA. In 2005 Harvard Professor George Borjas has reported that illegal aliens displaced American labor at a cost in excess of $133 billion dollars. Every one of us should seriously wonder what the costs are seven years later?

They have not only poured inferior trade items into America as with its competitor Communist China. But big business conglomerates have gone to Mexico, to pay fewer taxes and no import tariffs to the United States. In return for this poorly negotiated treaty, America has received hundreds of thousands of small farmers disrupted from their land, unable to compete with mega-agriculture. The only winners are the giant corporations like Whirlpool that exported their factory and jobs just across the border and sealing the fate of American workers. Every treaty agreement is about massive profits and import of cut price labor and export of jobs to foreign countries. Little can be done under prior or current administrations, but we have one slender chance to throw out both party members and challenge them with the growth of the Tea Party. Attention: Watch for illegal aliens voting in coming elections.

infinity555 said...

Another issue that should have been enacted is the Bush pilot program E-Verify. A new version of E-Verify has been produced, so that previous complications have been rectified, but owing to Sen. Harry Reid a nauseous Democrat, sleeping Liberal we are lucky to have this enforcement program at all. Currently its voluntary but now 156.000 businesses are using it, to purge illegal workers from the job market. Secure Communities, the 287g are other worthwhile tools that can further advance Attrition through enforcement. Radical Organizations like La Raza and La Mancha have been teaching the young to hate America. La Raza means “The Race” and their motto is “For our race everything and for all others, nothing.” The fact that we subsidize these dangerous groups, by grants from the taxpayers should be absolutely outrageous to legal Hispanics.
There is a report on Senator Harry Reids Nevada having the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Another report says they have the highest percentage of jobs being worked by illegal aliens at about10%. There is an assertion that New York City has over10% that is working illegally, including in that overall picture 70% of all illegal aliens have a job of some kind. Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly wants to use bill AB 26 to eliminate the estimated $11 billion spent by California to provide social services to illegal immigrants each year. Everyone assumes illegal workers are hired just to do farm work? However, they have infiltrated into construction, restaurants, hotels, casinos, department stores, janitorial, landscaping, furniture moving, carpet and tile laying, factories etc. Even trade unions have large numbers of foreign nationals. New illegal newcomers are disrupting the lifestyle of poor legal whites, blacks, Hispanics and other races here already.

infinity555 said...

Eventually the public will learn cheap labor from illegal immigration is not "cheap." It's subsidized by all of us in the form of our tax dollars paying for their services and makes some dirty employers very wealthy at the expense of all of us. This is highlighted by Arizona’s Governor Brewer, State Senator Pierce pushing for legal sanity, to stop illegal aliens robbing its legal population of hard come dollars. They enter across our borders or by plane or ship and having never paid even one dollar, into public funds. Immediately their children get a free education and the whole family collects free health care and medical procedures. Then any new child born to the parent are instant citizens, with free natal care, supplemented by food stamps, Medicaid, cash payments and other subsidized welfare programs. These are financially serious errors, with the compliments of early Liberal judicial involvement.