Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Confirmed: Anthony Weiner's Parking Antics Reflect His Obnoxious Persona

When we first noted the story Tuesday that Democrat windbag Anthony Weiner had amassed a couple thousand dollars in unpaid parking fines we had no idea just how bad it was. We should have known better. Considering what a complete tool the guy is, it stands to reason his antics on the DC streets were as belligerent as he is.

Sure enough.
It takes one to know one -- even when it comes to breaking another city's parking laws.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, who's made himself a top New York parking scold by loudly complaining about UN diplomats who fail to pay parking tickets, racked up a whopping $2,180 in violations himself in Washington, according to a bombshell report.

The shameful tally took place from March 2006 to March 2010.

And he didn't pay up until a few days ago, when Capitol Hill paper Roll Call shamed him into finally writing a personal check.

Weiner was by far the biggest congressional scofflaw cited in the report, which was based on an exhaustive canvass of assigned congressional parking spots around Washington that came up with the license plates of cars belonging to 300 members of Congress.
These aren't run-of-the-mill offenses such as having a meter expire. No, despite having virtually unlimited parking privileges, including an assigned Congressional space, that's just not good enough.
Weiner racked up his spectacular stack for a variety of violations on a dozen occasions -- even though members of Congress are afforded assigned parking spaces around Washington, and cannot be ticketed when they're on official business.

Sometimes Weiner's parked Nissan SUV was cited for multiple violations -- such as on March 3, 2010, when he was fined $400 for blocking rush-hour traffic and for failing to display current license plates when he parked on Maryland Avenue NE, several blocks east of the Capitol.
Blocking rush-hour traffic? What was he doing, stopping in the middle of traffic to scream at someone? What is his problem? He obviously thinks he's above the law, but what kind of asshole blocks traffic?
And Weiner managed to total three violations one day in June 2007 when he got $340 in tickets for failing to display current license plates, failing to display an inspection sticker, and parking at a taxi stand near the FDR Memorial.

Weiner (D-Queens/Brooklyn) didn't pay up until Roll Call asked about the tickets, the paper said.
So basically he'd have simply ignored the fines.

He's a model Democrat, that's for sure. The GOP should start doing what Weiner's mentor does, and coordinate talking points so that every time Weiner appears opposite a Republican or is mentioned by them it's continually hammered home how he's an elitist scofflaw who risks the safety of the driving public. Just keep repeating it until his head explodes. Based on his obvious anger management issues, he'll have a meltdown before long.


The Reaganite Republican said...

Seriously, after seeing him in that debate on Fox with Hannity and Bachmann... he really seemed not ever smart, and quite nervous and goofy.  

How did this charmless little twit ever get elected in the first place?

rich b said...

There's something about Weiner that makes me wish I had been the bully in elementary school who probably used to beat the shit out of him daily for his lunch money. Does that sound cruel?

Wishful thinking I guess....