Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Terrorist to Speak at NJ University

So nice to see a taxpayer supported university not far from me is welcoming an unrepentant terrorist with open arms.
Special guest, Bill Ayers, speaks about the interaction between education and activism. Talk will by followed by book sale/signing and discussion.
If you're in the neighborhood:
Thursday, March 24th 2011, 8:15 pm - 10:30 pm
Location: University Hall, Room: 1030
Sponsored By: Students for a Democratic Society
I wonder if Governor Christie is aware we've got terrorists speaking at our public universities?

North Jersey tea partiers have sent out an action alert.
BRING A PRO-LIBERTY SIGN!!! Homemade signs are GREAT, store-made signs -- for example at FedEx Office, formerly known as Kinko's -- are GREAT. (I will be bringing my 2' x 2' sign.) You can search the internet for suggested sign slogans. For example, Google the term "tea party slogans" and that will bring up several websites that have dozens -- hundreds -- of suggestions each.

* Bring a camera, and especially if you are able, bring a digital recording device. This will help us document the event, and also, these devices serve as great deterrents to any thugs who might wish to infringe upon our unalienable moral right to speak freely.

* If you have any pro-liberty literature that you would like to pass out to any open-minded folks on campus passing near us, definitely feel free to exercise your free-speech rights in this manner!

* Although free speech includes angry speech, please DO NOT disrupt Ayers’ talk in any way that prevents peaceful discourse (for example, joining in a multi-person chant which drowns out whomever is speaking in room 1030). Even communists have free-speech rights – and we stand for the rights of all individuals, yes, even the creepy, hate-filled, anti-liberty, small ‘c’ communist ones.

* We are a PEACEFUL organization. We do not expect this Tea Party Protest to be anything but peaceful. Please conduct yourself accordingly at all times. Should any unfortunate situations arise, please do your best to defuse the situation peacefully (which often means simply walking away, and sometimes means simply calling the police, who no doubt will be present on campus this Thursday evening, and thankfully so).

I look forward to seeing YOU at Montclair State on this Thursday evening, March 24th!
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southernsue said...

what could this pos have to say that would be worth hearing.

so glad all these antiamericans stay out of the deep south.

please don't hire these students coming from these northern universities. you'll be sorry if you do, remember, these kids major in corruption and chaos, should they not like how you run your company.

roux said...

"Guilty as hell and free as a bird" - Bill "Just an old guy in the neighborhood" Ayers