Thursday, March 24, 2011

Irony: Daffy Former VPOTUS Very Worried About GOP "Extreme Elements"

Does anyone still take this crackpot seriously - let alone cough up donations to the DCCC in response to his delusional screeds?
Former Vice President Al Gore is asking Democratic activists to send donations to House Democrats' campaign arm as a check on the "extreme elements in control of today’s Republican Party."

"Not since the dark days of the Bush administration have we seen a Republican-controlled Congress that is so intent on pushing their agenda in Washington — protecting tax breaks for oil companies making record profits, attempting to roll back environmental regulations, and not only refusing to pass climate change legislation in any form but refusing to acknowledge that climate change even exists," Gore wrote in a fundraising pitch for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

The former presidential candidate, who lost to George W. Bush in the disputed 2000 election, noted the DCCC was trying to raise $1 million from grassroots activists before the March 31 deadline.
That is scary, actually.

Not Republicans controlling Congress. I'd say 5% unemployment and annual budget deficits below $1 trillion sounds pretty good right about now.

No, what's really scary is that this loon won the popular vote in 2000.



uncledan said...

GE pays no taxes. Silence from the Left.
Obama takes us to war #3. Silence from the Left.
Sarah Palin called a t***. Silence from the feminist Left.
Economy in shambles. Silence from the Left.
Foreign policy a disaster. Silence from the Left.
Gas/food/clothing prices skyrocket. Silence from the Left.
Over 30 Czars. Silence from the Left.
Obama loses Democratic party over 700 seats. Silence from the Left.
NPR busted in full bias. Silence from the Left.
GTMO still open. Silence from the Left.
2 wars still on, one with record death toll. Silence from the Left.
All Democrat Congressional and Senate representatives are millionaires, multimillionaires, or billionaires. Silence from the Left.
Obama ignores nuclear disaster now reaching our shores. Silence from the Left.
Obama delivers oil rig contract to Soros-owned Petrobas so they can drill for oil in gulf and sell it to us. Silence from the Left.

rich b said...

<span>Sounds like Al is off his meds again. In my honest diagnosis - the loss of the 2000 election did something to this man's brain. He was never a mental Goliath to begin with, but to lose the election to a man he obviously considers so beneath himself has had consequences. He's gone batshit crazy.</span>