Friday, March 18, 2011

My Darkhorse Pick For President In 2012

I have been seeing more and more of Dan Quayle recently on various shows and each time he comes off sounding very knowledgeable and moderate. In this interview with Neil Cavuto he was given a couple of chances to take some shots at Obama but he didn't.

You want to know something? That was refreshing. In this day and age when it seems everybody has picked sides and seeks to gain 15 minutes of fame for some sort of inflammatory comment, he remains statesmanlike. That is a word you don't hear a lot of nowadays, and contrary to how liberals like to make hay out of his spelling of tomatoes, potatoes, whatever--gawd how many years have they milked that line,?--he sure does show signs of having a firm grasp on world affairs.

The other thing I like about his style while being interviewed is how he takes nothing for granted. For instance, while discussing energy he used the word fracking. Rather then just going on with his answer he took the time to explain what the word meant. He did the same thing later on when he used the acronym MRE, never assuming anything or trying to sound smarter then you.

If there is somebody I would like to see maybe actually test the waters in the next election it would be Dan Quayle.

The final point I wish to make is that when he mentioned the Middle East he brought up the country of Bahrain and explained why that is deserving of some attention.

He just strikes me as somebody who will return the office of President back to one of respect and cool the super heated rhetoric which has taken over politics in this country. The left will probably never cool down, but then he seems like the type who isn't going to worry his little head over a child's temper tantrum.

P.S. Regarding former Vice President's Quayle advice to watch Bahrain we have this.


rich b said...

I'm sure the dems will spend a lot of time coming up with gotcha questions like how to spell potato if he runs. I think Dan is a decent man but he's never gonna live down the reputation of being dumb. The LSM won't let him.

druu222 said...

Here's a fun little parlor game to lay on people at the dinner table, particularily if they are middle-aged, of lefty persuasion, and embarassingly wedded to the flat-earthist idea that their mainstream media is NOT hopelessy biased to the left ---

Ask them: "Which prominent American politician once mis-spelled 'potato' to a room full of schoolchildren? 

Provided they were at least 16 or so in 1990, they will almost invariably say "Dan Quayle". It is actually amazing how many people will remember that.

Then ask them: Where comes the term, "Navy Corpse-Man"?

Note their blank stares. Some may know, many will not. Some will know and not admit it. But many will have no clue.

Then point out the reality - Quayle made that error twenty years ago, and you can tell me about it, here at this table.... Obama made that appallingly ignorant and embarassing telepromper-based, militarily oblivious error in this current term, and you all give me blank stares.

Question three - "What planet do you live on, that I am supposed to believe that our mainstream media AND culture are NOT hopelessly and irretreivably biased against conservative politicians, to an extent that is now approaches the satirical?"

rich b said...

What's really shocking is the fact Hussein Omama doesn't end every sentence with the expression "know what I'm sayin" like so many of the brothas out here on the "Left Coast" do.

And it's obvious a teleprompter can't understand context so Omama has to read phonetically. In other words core becomes corpse to him because in his ignorant mind and tunnel view that's the way it's spelled on the screen/teleprompter. This is such a glaring error of ingnorance it's stunning. And yet it happened and very few people called Omama on it.

Great speaker my Ass! Omama is a puppet who can't even read properly. And - maybe, just maybe, someday we'll all see who's pulling da strings. Know what I'm sayin. Could it be (list of favorite suspects follows below)

1. Soros?
2. A Kennedy?
3. The Communist Party?
4. SEIU.
6. Nintendo Of America (NOA) Based On The New Game Coming Out.
7. _________   _________ Fill in the blank lines with any favorite marxist.