Monday, July 04, 2011

Finally: New York Passes Sippy Cup Legislation

Where would idiot parents be with an all-encompassing government? Thankfully the New York State Legislature is around to warn folks of the perils of sippy cups, otherwise nightmarish calamities await your little crumb crunchers.
It wasn't just gay marriage and a property tax cap that concerned state lawmakers in the final days of the legislative session.

There were also sippy cups.

The Legislature, for the second year in a row, approved a measure requiring baby bottles and sippy cups to have warning labels about the dangers of childhood tooth decay.

Ex-Gov. David Paterson vetoed last year's measure.

"I can show you photos of children who go to bed with sippy cups," said Mark Feldman, executive director of the state Dental Association, which pressed for the bill.

"All you see is little black stumps that is all that is left of the teeth," he added.
If people are stupid enough to put their kids to bed with the cups, no amount of warning labels will help. But surely the government will come up with some creative solution to that problem.


FrankG said...

and those would be their baby teeth? Freaking nanny-staters

Proof said...

You can take my sippy cup when you pry it from my cold, dead (and slightly sticky) fingers!

Michael Ryan said...

There's nothing wrong with sippy cups.  Just stop filling the damn things with Coke.

Anonymous said...

Were those spools with the stumpy toofers?

Anonymous said...

Were those spools with the stumpy toofers?

Doug Ross said...

I demand Binky legislation!