Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee to Aide: 'I Don't Care Anything About Your Disability'

Democrat compassion in action.
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee's former legislative director is suing the Democratic congresswoman, claiming she made "humiliating" comments about her vision disability while refusing to do anything to accommodate her.

At one point, the lawsuit claims, the congresswoman told her: "I don't care anything about your disability."

The lawsuit, filed last month in District of Columbia federal court, seeks unspecified damages in the form of "back and front pay," as well as punitive damages. Former aide Mona Floyd claims Jackson Lee's treatment of her amounted to "unlawful discrimination" and contributed to her resignation last fall.

The suit states that Floyd suffers from "monocular vision," causing eye fatigue and reducing reading speed -- symptoms that worsen without adequate rest during the day.

Floyd claims that after she came to work for Jackson Lee as legislative director and chief counsel in early 2010, the congresswoman did not follow through on a pledge from her office to "accommodate her disability."

She specifically claimed the congresswoman piled her with reading assignments, often forcing her to work from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. without breaks to get it all done. Floyd claimed she was rebuffed when she asked for more time to rest her eyes. In April 2010, the suit claims, Jackson Lee told her, "It should not take 10 years to get them done," in reference to a reading assignment.

The suit went on to question Jackson Lee's legislative efforts on behalf of disabled Americans, saying her treatment of Floyd showed she "only paid lip service to that constituency."
This horrible woman was once voted second meanest person in Congress. Maybe it's time she was bumped up to the top spot, which she claimed for being the biggest windbag.


locomotivebreath1901 said...

Innocent, until proven guilty.

But I won't be surprised if all the allegations are true. I've often found Liberals to be the most intolerant, self-serving and vindictive bigots on the planet.

This fact is most often borne out in stats on charitable giving, where Libs rank dead last. Same goes for their lack of true compassion.

Elections have consequences and character does matter.

nik nik said...

People like SJL have made laws forcing producers without excuses to "accommodate" those who lack qualifications to do a job properly. This is payback. For those who feel "entitled" there is no turning them down for anything.

Bed made, time to lie in it Ms. Lee.

Loren said...

SJL is a repulsive person.

That said, I don't buy the disability as described.  I have monocular vision.  My Air Force physical came back stamped unfit for commission/unfit for enlistment because of it.

 I am an avid and very fast reader..  From my personal experience, I have difficulty believing the aide suffers from more than a belief that too much work was being asked of them.

James said...

I thought Congress was exempted from all ADA and Fair Employment laws.  She realy can not care, and it is perfectly leagle for her (but not me).

Laws are for the little people...