Saturday, August 27, 2011

An American-Murdering Dictator Turns To His Friends

The once arrogant dictator of terrorist-sponsoring state of Libya is presumably on the run and like all dictators before him probably hiding in a hole somewhere in the desert, but he still managed to get word out to his friends in the United States in an attempt to get out of the country with his head still attached. So who does he reach out to? Why none other then that wonderful, progressive, Department of Peace advocate, Dennis Kucinich (D-Land of Oz).
Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who has been one of the most outspoken critics of the Obama administration's military intervention in Libya, confirmed Friday that he was invited to visit the North African nation in an attempt to end months-long conflict between the Qaddafi regime and the rebel forces who have been aided by NATO air strikes.

The Guardian first reported that the Qaddafi regime offered Ohio Democrat an all-expense paid trip Tripoli as part of a hastily arranged “peace mission.”
When the enemies of your country are reaching out to certain people in a desperate plea for help it tells you two things. One is that they have a friendship that obviously spans the years, and two, when a bloodthirsty American-murdering dictator reaches out to somebody it's somebody who probably ought to be on a terrorist watch list and not an elected member of Congress.

But don't fear, Dennis has friends in other places. Like Syria.
But Kucinich, who was worried about security, declined the offer and visited Syria instead.
So Dennis, besides working tirelessly for years to get rid of the United States military, cavorting with known terrorists and brutal dictators, just what have you done to make us safer, or were you hoping to one day pull a Bashir and become leader of your own little kingdom?

That was one stellar class of presidential hopefuls the Democrats fielded in 2008. John Edwards, the womanizing good hair playboy who ditches his terminally-ill wife to father babies; Kucinich, who sucks up to Middle Eastern dictators who just happen to have him on speed dial, and, of course, the degenerate who wound up winning and thereby turning the rest of us into losers. I guess if you are all about the destruction of the United States you just keep on voting Democrat.

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