Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome Mat Out, Guess We Can Shut Down Border Patrol Now

I don't even know how this is possible legally. For me this just adds to the growing list of items on the list of things this administration has done to simply ignore the law or in the case of EPA invent new laws, to continue to push a far left progressive on the American people. The arrogance of the liberals in charge knows no bounds. We don't need no stinkin Congress. Don't like the law, just ignore it. Ain't that right Eric 'Fast and Furious' Holder.
Will these immigrants be able to obtain work permits while remaining in the country? Yes, officials said, though that is not new. Undocumented persons have always had the opportunity to apply for temporary work permits, which are reviewed on a case-by-case basis upon request.

From Black Panthers intimidating voters to launching investigations into who you deem to be political enemies there has never in my half century of life been a president who has so openly ignored and flaunted the laws of this country and never with an eye towards doing good for the country but rather to push a far left ideology and promote his reelection bid.

You know who this edict is really directed at? At those states who are passing legislation to arrest and deport the ever burgeoning illegal immigrant population in their state. The message is real simple. Sure you can apprehend them. Sure you can report them. We ain't doing nothing. It sends a very clear signal to the illegals to quit worrying about state laws since states don't have the power to deport, that is a federal function. Without any federal legislative authority what so ever he has effectively neutered the states and spit in the face of all honest immigrants and the tax payers of America. Hey maybe this part of grand, super delicious, yet be disclosed or written budget plan. You know with this decree we can close the Border Patrol, pare down the size of ICE and decrease the total number of employees at DHS. Who am I kidding, you can't fire federal unionized workers.

I once thought that even though this guy was a complete disaster as a choice for president that America could survive 4 years of him or any president for that matter. My God I survived Carter, but in the last 6 months or so I no longer believe that. It no longer is a joke to say that Carter was the best case scenario for this administration. They are making Carter, hell they make King George, look like the good 'ol days.

We are so screwed!


fiatlux said...

There is a circular logic here. We won't deport lawbreakers that work illegally or are related to someone that has a job and then will give the lawbreaker the right to work...and then we won't deport someone who has received the right to work.This by eedict, not legislation.

Every month we grant 80,000 to 130,000 work permits to LEGAL immigrants
Every month, there seems to be a loss of about 400,000 jobs and creation of about 100,000 jobs. We have over 25 million people that are unemployed, have ceased to work for work or are underemployed. Teenage unemployment exceeds 50%

Granting favors to criminals is not a sound policy and adding to unemployment problems by favoring illegal immigrant criminals is a recipe for disaster and violence. There is a reason Congress passed no such laws. BHOnehead is casually breaking another law.

One of the top reasons we will be given (threatened with) for re-electing him will be said to be that delecting him will cause extreme violence. They are already whipping up the violent rhetoric and it's only summer of 2011

rich b said...

Just another one of several impeachable offenses. As I said three years ago - this president is wearing his skin color like a suit of armor. When push comes to shove, his party, the dummycrat crybabies play the race card. He will never be impeached or convicted in a senate trial because he is (half) black.

By the way, didn't this douche take an oath to protect our borders?????