Monday, August 22, 2011

Schumer Tackles the Big Problems

Now that the major issues of our time have been resolved, the most useless man in the Senate apparently still has work to do.
Sen. Chuck Schumer pressed phone companies Sunday to make stolen cell phones harder to sell on the black market.

Giants like AT&T and T-Mobile should permanently disconnect boosted cell phones when a customer reports a theft, the New York Democrat said yesterday.

Most companies only disconnect a stolen phone's SIM card, which protects a customer's information but does nothing to prevent the stolen phone from being retooled and resold.

"Deactivate the phone so it is no longer valuable on the black market - like a car without a motor," Schumer said as he held up an iPhone.

New York City ranks second in the nation for stolen cell phones. Only Miami is worse.
Perhaps he should concern himself more with the obvious crime problem in his state.

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