Friday, August 26, 2011

Christie to NJ Residents: 'Get the Hell Off the Beach'

I feel safer knowing the Baddest Governor on the Planet has my back. And even in times of trouble he still manages to be funny.
"I saw some of these news feeds that I've been watching of people sitting on the beach in Asbury Park -- get the hell off the beach at Asbury Park and get out," Christie said. "You're done. It's 4:30 -- you've maximized your tan. Get off the beach."


rich b said...

Too bad Christie wasn't in New Orleans a few years ago to make the fools there get out when Hurricane Katrina arrived. Instead they had Ray Nagin who is as worthless as balls on a priest.

Then again, many of the people in N.O. were too stupid to listen to anyone anyway. And guess who subsidized that stupidity?

roux said...

As someone who has seen his share of hurricanes, Christie can kiss my ass.

roux said...

Oh, forgot to say... I'll never vote for this guy.

roux said...

FYI... 90% of the people got out of the way of Katrina but a bunch of thugs stayed behind to razoo everyone's stuff. Some of them didn't realize that the storm would kill them.

southernsue said...

i used to love christie, but after he appointed a muslim for judge.

no way. muslims are here to kill us, they are just waiting for the jihad call.

as for the beach. it is the person's call if they want to stay on the beach or not.

all christie should be worried about is getting his disaster plan out to the public and warn everyone.

he is not king of the world yet.