Tuesday, August 30, 2011

'I Have Women Who Come in With Photos With the Face Cut Out Sometimes'

"Hey, I know this woman is crazy because all my friends and the media tell me so, but I'd so like to look like her!"

Apparently this is what's going on in New York salons as women are looking for the Michelle Bachmann hairdo. Or at least that what this halfwit is telling us.
Top stylists from New York to Hollywood told me their liberal clients are guiltily requesting the Bachmann Look.

"A lot of clients have asked for Sarah Palin hair in the past four years, and now, it's Bachmann," says Andi Scarbrough of Byu-ty Hair Therapy in L.A. "Politicians are the new celebrities, because they're real. They didn't just spring up out of the red carpet."

However, she admits, "I have women who come in with photos with the face cut out sometimes."

"She has great coppery color that warms her up a little bit," said Angelo David at his E. 43rdSt. salon, who confirmed a spike in copycat requests for the candidate's look. "Not everybody wants to look like Kim Kardashian."

Bachmann's style "is safe, but not soccer mom. It's sexy," said Alma Qeraxhiu at her AlmaG Salon and Spa on E. 21st. St.

"I have found it a little bit amazing how many women have been coming in asking for her hair style, even though they don't agree with her politics."

They might agree more with Hillary Clinton, who has always been criticized about her hair.
Indeed, I never notice many women looking like Hillary or, say, Janet Napolitano. Still, some may want to look like Bachmann yet are still trembling in fear over her.
"A look like Bachmann's would run you $150 to $300" - higher if the stylist comes to you," as in Bachmann's case, said Angelo David.

And you'll be in the chair for about two hours, and you've got maintain it every six weeks.

Most liberals just don't have the time. They're too busy protecting us from airheads like Bachmann.
These people need "protecting" from Bachmann?



Reaganite Republican said...

Hey- imho Michelle looking plenty HAWT these days... not bad for 55!

Karl Magnus said...

QUOTE: "Indeed, I never notice many women looking like Hillary or, say, Janet Napolitano.

Oh that is soooooo rich with snappy rejoinders ... I better not say.