Sunday, August 21, 2011

Biden: I've Always Had Trouble Trying to 'Annunciate'

He's having an even more difficult time with his spelling.
Secondly, you compliment me by saying I’m an accomplished public speaker. I don't know whether you’ve had an opportunity to see a movie that has gotten worldwide circulation called “The King’s Speech.” Well, but for the royal blood and the money, that could have been me. I was a serious stutterer when I was in school as a child, as a high school student, and even into college. And I practiced very, very hard by myself, standing in front of a mirror, trying to annunciate without contorting my face.
All these years later he's still not making any sense.

Biden also wished he could speak Chinese. Joe, listen now. You're already incoherent in English, why bother not making sense in another language?

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