Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Perils of Facebook

So you're lamming it with your gangster fugitive boyfriend, just as you're about to give birth.

So you think to yourself, hey, this seems like a good time to snap a photo in front of an easily identifiable location. What could go wrong? Then your tiny brain says hey, why not be like millions of imbeciles around the world who post every minute detail of their lives on Facebook and get these online right away?

One of Italy's most-wanted Mafia mobsters has been arrested after his blundering girlfriend posted pictures of them on Facebook.

Salvatore D'Avino, 39, was traced by detectives after they spotted the snaps of his heavily pregnant girlfriend Brada Hint in front of sign giving the name and location of a Spanish restaurant.

Italian police alerted the Spanish authorities who traced the couple to their hideout in Marbella on the Costa del Sol and arrested D'Avino.

D'Avino is said to be a member of the Giuliano clan of the Naples mafia which is known as the Camorra and had been on the run for almost ten years.

He was listed on the Italian police's top 100 most wanted and had several convictions for drug trafficking.

Italian police said he had also been arrested in Spain on drug charges and was said to be part of a plot to flood Marbella with more than 250,000 Ecstasy tablets.

Police said he had been hiding in Morocco for years and travelled to Spain by boat a few days ago and his Moroccan companion followed him under a false name as she was about to give birth.

Hint, 31, published several photos on Facebook of her outside upmarket Marbella nightspot Nikki Beach Club where the couple were staying and police swooped as D'Avino was filling up his car with petrol.
Clearly he's thrilled to know how things went down.
Marshall Angelo Mazzagatti, of the Naples police who led the operation said: "He couldn't believe it when police arrived and arrested him. He thought after nearly a decade on the run he was home free.

'When he asked how we had found him and we told him he was not at all happy with his girlfriend who is heavily pregnant and about to give birth.

'When we saw the pictures on Facebook we could not believe his girlfriend had been so stupid. It was very easy to track them down as she was stood in front of a restaurant sign in Marbella.'

4 comments: said...

Poor kid.

Proof said...

The real crime is her wearing that bikini...

Anonymous said...

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southernsue said...

yes, poor child.

our world is just getting worse.

mothers used to be sacred people, but now, well the photo says it all.

GOD is crying everyday. the day of GOD's wrath is coming.