Monday, August 22, 2011

Progressive Dimwits: 'Draft Elizabeth Warren – to Run for Senate and Defeat Scott Walker'

Funny, but I thought Elizabeth Warren was planning to run in Massachusetts?
There’s been a lot of chatter that Washington-based forces are behind the effort to get Elizabeth Warren to run for US Senate on the Democratic ticket. But even if Warren’s chief backers don’t come from Massachusetts, you’d think they would at least figure out which Republican they want her to run against.

If only. The group that says it has raised $100,000 to get Warren into the race has placed a prominent ad on Google urging people to “Draft Elizabeth Warren – to run for Senate and defeat Scott Walker.”

Scott Walker, of course, is the Republican governor of Wisconsin and a popular target of progressives. Scott Brown is the Republican US Senator from Massachusetts, the one whom Warren would presumably be taking on.

The political group responsible for the ad, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, says it was an error. But in fairness, they oppose both Scotts.

A spokesman for the organization said in an e-mail that the reference to Scott Walker in the web ad, which comes up first in several Elizabeth Warren Google searches, was an error, owing to the group’s work on several recall elections in Wisconsin.
Obsessing on Scott Walker much, kiddies?


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