Monday, August 29, 2011

Obama's Drunken Illegal Alien Uncle Has Social Security Number, MA Driver's License

I caught this listening to Howie Carr minutes ago and he says he got the information from the vehicle registry outfit in Massachusetts.

Since the media is largely ignoring the fact the president has an illegal alien uncle sitting in jail right now, we may as well get the word out.

Some transcript via Free Republic.
"If you go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and try to get a license and don't have a valid SSN, you have to get some kind of become a refugee and you're automatically entitled to the had to come up with an excuse. But he had a social security number from more than 20 yrs ago even though he's an illegal alien. His nephew wasn't pres. 20 years ago..."
Commenters there note it was during the Dukakis administration that illegals received Social Security numbers.



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rich b said...

OMG! Uncle Oingo Boingo is really Idi Amin.... Dada!

And all you posters thought Idi Amin was dead. Now you know where he's been since he left Uganda.