Monday, August 29, 2011

'If the Election Were Next Tuesday He'd Lose. That's How Bad It Is'

You know what this mean, right? It's time for the media to to an Obama Makeover. Let's pretend he's competent and if that doesn't work, blames the Republicans. And who better to get the ball rolling that slobbering fanboy Sam Youngman.
President Obama arrived back in Washington after his August vacation to deal with a hurricane, but Irene was only the first of many tests awaiting the embattled commander-in-chief.

With his approval ratings at the lowest point in his presidency, Obama returns to face a restless Congress, a hurricane that tore up the East Coast, continued unrest and uncertainty in the Middle East and an ailing economy that is not expected to improve much before the 2012 elections.
Hurricane Irene is already a built-in excuse for future failures. That didn't take long.
"If the election were next Tuesday he'd lose. That's how bad it is," says a Democratic strategist.
Translation: The media's got a lot of work to do the next 14 months.
And the president's vacation turned out to be a political liability as he attracted criticism for relaxing in ritzy Martha's Vineyard amid the economic downturn.

In between meals and golf outings, Obama was briefed on an earthquake that hit the East Coast, Hurricane Irene and the ongoing strife in Libya as rebels appeared to be close to toppling Moammar Gadhafi.

The Gadhafi news was a clear victory for Obama, especially in the wake of critics from both sides of the aisle about U.S. involvement in Libya.
A clear victory? Really? So, um, where's Gadhafi?

He was briefed on the earthquake? Well, golly gee. Yet he never left the damn golf course to even feign concern.
All of this comes as Republicans looking to unseat Obama next year ramp up their operations and their rhetoric, piling on a president who at this stage in the game looks vulnerable to the point of being an underdog against an unknown opponent.
All together now: Awwww. They're piling on poor Bammy!

More like Tiger Beat teeny-bopper Sam Youngman piling on the lame cliches.

Facing defeat in 2012 means one thing for sure: Lots of photos of Obama pretending to work.

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