Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nevada Sen. Heller: Obama's Economy Has 'Failed Miserably'

I'm thinking this guy might be a blog reader.
“There is no question that the status quo of dysfunctional government must end. People from all over the country are struggling just to get by and are desperate for real solutions,” Heller said.

“Unfortunately, job creation and economic growth has taken a back seat to political posturing and grandstanding in Washington,” he added.

Heller said administration’s approach to economic recovery has “failed miserably,” and claimed that “out of control” spending, the healthcare law and federal regulations are stifling growth and costing jobs.
Failed miserably? Hmm.

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southernsue said...

obama and his ilk need to go.

at this point, i don't care who is on the gop ticket, i will vote for that person.