Monday, August 22, 2011

Crackpot Kucinich: Legalizing Marijuana is Like the Arab Spring or Something

Have another hit, dude.
Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) spoke at Seattle's "Hempfest" festival this weekend, equating the push for marijuana legalization to the civil rights movement and democratic uprisings in the Middle East.

“Open America! Show yourself! Time for mass action! This is why, and how, recent movements for freedom in Tunisia and Egypt gained momentum,” Kucinich said Saturday. “This is how Gandhi cast off the British Empire. This is how America’s suffragettes gained for women the right to vote. This is how Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington became a pivotal moment in the civil rights history of this country.”
Gandhi, Martin Luther King, the right to vote, and the right to blow doobies. Sure, the comparisons are obvious.
Kucinich went on to advocate "hospitalization, not incarceration" for those with drug problems, and repeatedly invoked King's "we will overcome" refrain.

"Let your voice once again cause America to march, let your voice once again cause America sing, let your voice once again cause America to seek new freedoms," he said.

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James Hlavac said...

The reasons he stated for legalizing it might be nuts, but the idea is sound. It's an absurd policy, akin to liquor prohibition, and even weirder, for God did want the plant, and put it everywhere. If Congress folks can go home and have a glass of hooch, then a citizen should have the right to smoke a bowl of it. Hooch is hooch, in liquid or smoke form. The Billions spent to eradicate one is seen in movies of the past, teh billions spent to eradicate other are just as wasteful and pointless, and might well make a good movie yet.