Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacationer-in-Chief to Advise People on Hurricane Preparedness

Never let a crisis go to waste. Obviously he plans on getting some more golf in before he flees Martha's Vineyard.
The White House says President Barack Obama will make a statement Friday on Hurricane Irene from his vacation rental on Martha's Vineyard. It comes as rain from the storm's outer bands begins to hit the Carolinas.

Obama has been getting regular briefings from federal officials about the storm, and the White House has warned the public to follow emergency officials' instructions.

The president is not expected to change his schedule as a result of the storm. He was already scheduled to leave Martha's Vineyard Saturday.
Apparently he's finally relaxed.

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James Hlavac said...

What could a politician from Chicago possibly know about hurricanes? And don't we have a national weather service to tell us about this? And is not every news channel chock full of advice? I mean, really, we need him to tell us what to do? Egad, how did we live without him? (Oh, yeah, better.)

Perhaps, though, he hopes for lots of destruction, so he can have shovel ready jobs! Or, worse, does he believe that Irene is his "jobs" plan? Hmm. Big questions for the big storm.