Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally: 'Climate Change Racism'

As nutty as Al Gore and MSNBC hosts are, they may have someone even loonier down in Australia.
Federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has accused Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of having a racist climate change policy.

Mr Abbott has warned that Australian businesses buying carbon permits under an emissions trading scheme could be conned by unscrupulous international traders.

The Government plans to introduce its carbon tax legislation to Parliament by the end of September and hopes to have it passed by next year.

Mr Combet described Mr Abbott's position as "economic xenophobia" in an address to the National Press Club.

"It sends the signal that it's somehow dubious to trade with foreigners. It's typical dog-whistle politics, trashing the commitment that's existed for many years on both sides of politics to economic liberalisation and open trade," he said.

"It is in effect a white carbon policy designed to harvest more votes no matter what the cost."
Amazingly, he didn't blame tea partiers.

Tim Blair calls it's Racism Meets Warmenism.

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Michael Ryan said...

They have a Ministry of Climate Change?  Given that bureaucracies exist to perpetuate themselves, the problem will have to be described as being worse with each succedding year, no matter what is done.