Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'President Obama, Despite His Acknowledged Smoking, May Be One of Those Men Who Has Become Better Looking Over Time'

Funny, but I thought he quit smoking? Well, that's what his people told us and they would never lie, right? Whatever the case, if you feel the need to vomit this morning, read on.
President Obama, under fire for taking a la-di-da 10-day holiday on Martha’s Vineyard, can take heart in the immortal words of Fernando Lamas: It is better to look good than to feel good. And in the opinion of The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the 50-year-old Commander-in-Chief looks maaaaaahvelous!

“President Obama, despite his acknowledged smoking, may be one of those men who has become better looking over time,” the Society’s Plastic Surgery News reported.

Plastic surgeons said the prez, who turned 50 earlier this month, maintains his youthful good looks thanks to good genes, a healthy diet and extra-protective skin pigment.

“Even though he’s a smoker, he does everything in moderation,” said Dr. Ioannis Glavas, the founder and director of the Massachusetts Eye Plastic Surgery and Laser Center.

Glavas said POTUS watches his weight and exercises regularly, major factors in helping him maintain his youthful appearance.

Yesterday, Obama took a break from his vacation to deliver remarks on the impending demise of Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi, then hit the gym at the Oak Bluffs School to shoot some hoops with pals, a good move, -according to the beauty docs.

“He takes care of himself,” Glavas said.

The Newbury Street plastic surgeon acknowledged that Obama has aged since moving into the Oval Office and looks as though he doesn’t always sleep well.

“His face is a little thinner since he was elected. Other than that, he’s doing well,” he said.

Still, the prez should use sunscreen during his island holiday, and avoid prolonged UV exposure even though his skin pigment makes him less vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays.

“Black people can still get wrinkles,” Glavas said.
Really? I had no idea.


Rose said...

So now, the haggard and ravaged look of some common STDs is now "better looking"???

In what circles? that of San Fransisco party circles that favor AIDS Russian Roulette?

rich b said...

He's got toothpick arms, he's jug eared like a cream pitcher, bears a passing resemblence to Fred Astair, rides a girls bike and throws a baseball like a sissy and they're saying he looks good? Lord help us if this is the new definition of a good looking man.

This loser Omama couldn't get laid in a cathouse if it weren't for the fact he's president.