Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama's Drunken Alien Uncle First Came to USA in 1963

It's not clear that this criminal has been here the entire time since 1963, but we do know for sure he was ordered deported in 1992 and for some odd reason is still in this country. If the president, who is sworn to uphold our laws, actually enforced our laws, his "long lost" Uncle Omar would be on the next flight back to Nairobi.
The uncle of President Obama arrested here last week on drunken driving and other charges has been a fugitive from deportation since 1992, according to two federal law enforcement officials with knowledge of the case.

Onyango Obama, who is from Kenya and is known as the president's Uncle Omar on his father's side, had lived a quiet life in Massachusetts until last Wednesday, when police said the car he was driving darted in front of a police cruiser, nearly causing the officer to hit his car.

The federal officials, who spoke about Obama's immigration status on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about the case, said Obama had been told to leave in 1992, but he did not go.

Obama is the second relative of the president to have defied a deportation order, reigniting debate over illegal immigration and raising questions about how a man who had lived in the United States illegally for years had managed to secure a job, a Massachusetts driver's license, and apparently, a federal Social Security number, without being detected by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

"There are hundreds of thousands of people who have been ordered deported and just ran off and nobody's looking for them," said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors strict controls on immigration.

Onyango Obama's sister, Zeituni Onyango, also faced deportation before a Boston immigration judge granted her asylum last year. She, too, had avoided the spotlight, living in public housing in South Boston despite a deportation order. Her immigration status was leaked to the media days before her nephew's historic election in 2008.
here's the Boston Globe, finally reporting on this story after a week, and they again have to remind us of the "historic election" of 2008. Well, at this rate Obama will be facing a "historic defeat" in 14 months.
Yesterday, a portrait of his life emerged on the residential street where he lived, surrounded by other immigrants and young families.

Onyango Obama is the younger half-brother of the president's father, Barack Obama Sr., a scholar from Kenya who was rarely in the president’s life. The president's father came to the United States to study, but he was also a heavy drinker with a chaotic personal life. He died when he rammed his truck into a tree stump in Kenya in 1982, according to a new book, "The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father," by Globe reporter Sally H. Jacobs.

According to the book, Onyango Obama came to the United States in 1963 as part of Tom Mboya's airlift helping Kenyan students study in the United States. It was Barack Obama Sr.'s brotherly duty to help him, and with help from a friend, his younger brother was accepted at a boys' school then known as Browne & Nichols, in Cambridge, Jacobs's book reported.
Then it all becomes very sketchy. Obviously officials later figured out he was no longer here legally and ordered him deported, but since Massachusetts is apparently a sanctuary for illegal Obamas, he's still here.

Ironically the discovery of yet another illegal Obama in our midst (how many others are out there, by the way?) should lay waste to any push for amnesty or so-called immigration reform. How credible can Obama be when even he doesn't know how many of his family members are here living on the dole?

Meanwhile, nobody knows anything.
Mark Hinkle, spokesman for the Social Security Administration, said legally admitted immigrants can obtain a Social Security number. But he would not answer questions about what happens to that number if the immigrant is ordered deported.

He referred questions to the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees ICE, which enforces immigration law.

ICE spokesman Brian P. Hale said the agency does not comment on specific cases.

The federal immigration court, which is under the Department of Justice, also declined to comment, in contrast to 2009, when the court provided detailed information on his sister's case.

Lauren Alder Reid, counsel for legislative and public affairs at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, which runs the immigration courts, said she could not comment without a privacy waiver signed by Obama or his representative.
Maybe one of Obama's media lapdogs could query the president on this. Although I suspect he would have no comment. The least he could do is call for a beer summit at The Chicken Bone.

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