Monday, August 22, 2011

Twitter Reaction to Obama's 'Magical Misery Tour' Mostly Negative

If the miserable failure in the White House thought that lame bus stunt was going to win over voters, was he ever mistaken.
Obama's Midwest tour last week prompted more criticism and ridicule than support on Twitter, according to this week’s Hill Hexagon.

Regardless of what President Obama and his political advisers hoped for, the three-state Midwest bus tour last week prompted far more criticism and ridicule than support in Twitter comments, according to this week’s Hill Hexagon.

An analysis of Twitter traffic by Crimson Hexagon over the days of the tour showed that 72 percent of the opinions expressed were negative, while 22 percent were neutral and only 6 percent were favorable.

Among the negative comments, 21 percent were generally negative toward Obama, 17 percent called it a campaign stunt, 15 percent complained about taxpayers picking up the tab, 12 percent offered derisive names for the tour similar to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s “Magical Misery Tour,” and 6 percent that he was not in Washington working.
He didn't even get support from his paid stooges, one of whom hasn't tweeted in four weeks now. But remember, they're all very media savvy or something.

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Rose said...

Magical Misery Tour is the best I heard from the politicians - Romney...

But my personal favorite I heard from another Poster was "BLUNDER BUS"!!! Just exemplified everything I was thinking about the retarded idiotic moronic Malignant Narcissist. Only nicer.