Sunday, August 21, 2011

White House Won't Release Photos of King Putt Playing Golf on Martha's Vineyard

They'll happily release photos of Obama saluting at Dover AFB despite protestations from survivors of fallen soldiers, they'll show photos of him pretending to work while on his taxpayer-funded vacation, but show us photos of his tearing it up on the golf course? Forget about it.
The White House says the country does not begrudge Obama some time with his family, but it has been careful to allow no pictures so far of him at play on the golf course.
He's in our faces 24/7, but even The One needs his privacy now and then, I suppose.

Meanwhile, our indefatigable leader is keeping busy mirroring his political life by keeping up with a heavy dose of fiction. How is it someone can craft his latest jobs plan while weaving his way through 2000 pages of fiction?


RickS said...

King Putt. Excellent.

drfredc said...

Just a guess -- Obama would probably love to have any golfing pictures of himself released.  Those he is being brown-nosed by while golfing, not so much...