Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heartbreaking: Obama May Have to Bail From Vacation

No, he's not bored with the useless photos ops and golf. It's the weather. Even The One can't stop a hurricane.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency is keeping a line open to President Obama and the First Family as they vacation on Martha’s Vineyard and Hurricane Irene — growing both in size and strength — appears destined to pelt the Bay State sometime Sunday.

An early POTUS pull out has not been ordered, but FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told the Herald this morning, “We briefed the president yesterday and are keeping him and his team updated.”

As authorities forecast yesterday, Irene exploded into a Category 3 storm overnight, now with maximum sustained wind speeds of 115 mph. She is churning west northwest at 12 mph, Bill Read, director of the National Hurricane Center, said this morning.

“She got very well organized overnight and is currently in the southeast Bahamas. As she enters warm waters, conditions are favorable for further intensification. It could actually get stronger,” said Read, who anticipates the hurricane taking a more northerly track tomorrow.
Let's just hope when he flies south the golf course at Camp David hasn't suffered any damage.


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Dean_L said...

The hurricane can't stop his vacation.  Nor can it speed his 'imminent' jobs plan.

Michael Ryan said...

Oh, please stay!

rich b said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous.