Sunday, August 21, 2011

Resist We Much: MSNBC Star Al Sharpton Explains His Role in Murderous Crown Heights Pogrom

He must be using his buddy Barack's speech writer. He uses the word I 55 times. Does he take any responsibility? Of course not, silly. But rest assured, he's made up for his crimes and will be hanging with his buddy Obama next week commemorating Martin Luther King, one of his idols.
Crown Heights showed how some of us, in our smallness, can divide. We must seek to be big. Next weekend, we will unveil the monument to Martin Luther King in Washington. I will speak at the ceremony along with members of the King family and the President of the United States.
For what really happened, you might want to read this. It's quite obvious the editors at the NY Daily News ignored it.

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daveinboca said...

What's the latest word on Tawana Brawley and those murderous KKK kidnappers Al Sharpieton liberated TB from?   Resist we much...!!!