Sunday, August 28, 2011

Obama Returns to DC, Approval Rating Falls

Now at 38% according to Gallup, down a few points since their last release. Disapproval up four points to 55%.

No wonder he tried to pretend as if he was doing something yesterday.

How's this for a laughable headline?

Obama takes charge at hurricane command center

Obviously nobody could get the job done until The One showed up.


rich b said...

"Omama took charge"?

Just what the fuck did he do? Hand out coffee and donuts? He couldn't take charge of a wet dream. The last two and one half years have proved that. Back to the golf course King Putt and let the real people get the job done. You're useless.

Fenway_Nation said...

Well....let's see. Obama shows up at the Hurricane Command center and shortly thereafter Irene gets downgraded to a tropical storm

Shortly after he signs off on that debt ceiling compromise, America's S&P credit rating gets downgraded.